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Grand Canyon University Cost Out of State: Tuition and Fees, Financial Aid.



You need to know how much Grand Canyon University is worth before you decide whether Arizona’s Grand Canyon University is right for you. We will be looking at Grand Canyon University tuition costs and other expenses and financial aid options.

Arizona is well-known for its stunning natural landscapes. Grand Canyon University is named after Arizona’s most famous attraction. It has been known for its academic rigor and affordable private education. What about other aspects of Grand Canyon University? Continue reading to learn more about the school’s tuition and Grand Canyon University’s living expenses.

  • Grand Canyon University Rankings and ProfileAccreditation: Higher Learning Commission
  • Acceptance rate 83%
  • Graduation rate: 45%
  • US News & World Report Ranking #299-391
  • Times Higher Education Ranking: N/A

Grand Canyon College was founded in 1949 and became Grand Canyon University. It became a university in 1984. GCU is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It promotes Christian education. Grand Canyon University is well-known for its Christian values and STEM degree programs. It also offers high-quality online degrees.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it is a large school with 103,072 students. The student body is 48 percent white. Hispanic and Latino students make up 23 percent of GCU’s student body. They are the next most significant racial/ethnic group. The third largest group is the Black student, with 15%.

What is the cost of Grand Canyon University?

Grand Canyon University charges $16,500 annually for undergraduate students. This includes tuition and fees but not housing or other costs. Graduate students pay $10,621 annually for tuition and fees. Students can expect to spend approximately $800 annually on books and supplies and $7,800 for room and board.

Grand Canyon University Tuition and Fees.

Grand Canyon University Costs

  • Grand Canyon University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees $16,500
  • Grand Canyon University Undergraduate Tuition and Fees $16,500
  • Grand Canyon University Graduate in-State Tuition & Fees: $10,621
  • Grand Canyon University Graduate Tuition and Fees Out-of-State for Students $10,621
  • Grand Canyon University Books and Supplies $800

Grand Canyon University charges $16,500 annually for tuition and fees. This is more than the $13,677 average tuition and prices in the United States. GCU tuition and fees are significantly less than the intermediate private school’s $32,444 per annum.

Grand Canyon University is less affordable than other Arizona institutions. NCES estimates that in-state tuition and fees for public universities in Arizona average $11,072 per annum. On average, private school students pay $12,895 annually.

Grand Canyon University Living expenses

  • Grand Canyon University Costs
  • Grand Canyon University Room and Board $7.800
  • Grand Canyon University Off-Campus Room and Board $7 800

This is how a typical undergraduate cost breakdown looks. Students on campus pay $7,800 per year for room and board, $800 each for books, and $5,700 to cover additional expenses. Students must also have $5,700 to cover personal costs. It would help if you also kept in mind that Grand Canyon University’s living expenses are the same whether you are on or off campus.

Cost of Living in Phoenix Arizona

According to PayScale, the cost per capita in Phoenix, Arizona, where Grand Canyon University is situated, is 4 percent higher than the national average. A month’s rent costs $1,424, and a gallon of gas costs $4.49. A doctor’s visit costs $109.77. Phoenix is not an expensive city. You will be able to afford Grand Canyon University tuition.

Grand Canyon University Financial Aid Statistics

Grand Canyon University offers financial aid through grants, scholarships, and loans. NCES reports that 100 percent of students are eligible for scholarships or grants. Notably, 87 percent of students are eligible for federal grants, while 34 percent receive Pell grants. 60% of students also receive student loans or federal grants.


The average undergraduate student received $7,504 of aid. Average Pell grant recipients were awarded $4,798. The most significant support was received through federal loans, which averaged $8,251.

Grand Canyon University accepts FAFSA.

Grand Canyon University will accept FAFSA. All Grand Canyon University students are required to complete a FAFSA application. FAFSA is used to assess students’ eligibility for federal student assistance programs. This includes Pell grants and work-study.

Does Grand Canyon University accept GI Bill benefits?

Yes, Grand Canyon University accepts GI Bill benefits. GCU can assist you with applying for and using authorized VA education benefits. This includes various types of tuition assistance. Your military status will determine which funds are available to you. After your academic department approves and reviews your application, you will receive your money.


Is Grand Canyon University a Yellow Ribbon school?

Grand Canyon University is a Yellow Ribbon School dedicated to making higher education more affordable and accessible for veterans. GCU participates in the following GI Bill-affiliated programs: Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 33, and Chapter 35.

Grand Canyon University Grants and Scholarships

  • Education Master’s Degree Scholarship. Any student pursuing an online Master’s in Education at GCU is eligible for this scholarship. The tuition discount for the recipient is between $3,250 to $5,350. Traditional students are not eligible.
  • Alumni Scholarship for Doctoral Degrees This alumni scholarship is one of the many institutional scholarships Grand Canyon University offers. It is available to GCU doctoral students. Students enrolled in postgraduate programs can receive as much as $2,000.
  • Doctoral Transfer Student Scholarship. You can finish your Ph.D. at GCU if you’re already enrolled in a Ph.D. program and are considering transferring. Transfer candidates get a $1,000 tuition discount when they register for this scholarship.
  • Active Duty Online Military Undergraduate Scholarship. This scholarship is for military spouses and operational personnel enrolled at GCU as undergraduate students. Students can receive tuition reductions of up to $250 per credit hour for these students.
  • TEACH Grant. A TEACH Grant is worth $4,000 for qualified students for an academic year. This grant can train postsecondary students who plan to teach after graduation and commit to teaching for at least four consecutive years.

Grand Canyon University Average Net Price based on Income

Grand Canyon University Net Price Family Income

  • $0 to $30,000 $17.858
  • $30,001 – $48,000 $18,664
  • $48,001 to $75,000 $21,573
  • 75,001 to $110,000, $23,456
  • $110,001 or more, $23,460

The average net price can be calculated by subtracting the total cost of attendance from the average amount in grant or scholarship assistance. Attendance costs include tuition, fees, course materials, housing, and other expenses.

How to Calculate Grand Canyon University’s Cost

You need to consider the tuition and other fees as well as the financial aid received to estimate the cost of schooling. A cost calculator is the best way to assess this. Grand Canyon University’s Net Price Calculator can do this job. Enter your data.

This calculator will calculate how much you can spend on tuition at Grand Canyon University and other yearly expenses. The calculator will subtract grants aid and scholarships from your total to give you an estimate of your cost burden. This information will allow you to calculate how much money you’ll need to borrow.


Is College too expensive?

College is inexpensive if you are awarded a scholarship and save as much money as possible. Grand Canyon University tuition and living costs are slightly more expensive than average. There are better options if you value affordability. GCU offers financial aid to all its students. This is a crucial point.

Grand Canyon University Student Debt

  • Students receiving Federal Loans: 64%
  • Median debt after graduation: $21,557
  • Average monthly loan payment: $215

About 64 percent of Grand Canyon University students are eligible for federal loans. GCU students average $21,557 in total debt. The College Scorecard shows zero to five percent of students have used Parent PLUS loans. These loans allow parents to borrow money on behalf of their children. These loans leave students with an average debt of $16,062 upon graduation.

Grand Canyon University Tuition Payment Plans

Grand Canyon University tuition payment plans include scholarships for everyone in an online degree program, military scholarships, and state and Federal grants. GCU does not offer any other tuition plans. Students who wish to set up a payment plan should talk with their financial advisors or university counselors.

Grand Canyon University Graduate Salaries & Outcomes

According to College Scorecard, the average Grand Canyon University graduate’s salary is $39783. This is slightly higher than the national average. GCU conducted a survey and found that 53.60% of college graduates get a job after graduation. Grand Canyon University provides career services for its students. This includes resume writing and practice interviews.


How to save money at College

Only buy stuff that you use. Do you have old textbooks? You can sell them and make some money back. Craigslist and eBay are two great places to sell your stuff.

Part-time work is a great option. Working while you are in College is a great way to save money. Part-time jobs include content writing, data entry specialist, and tutoring online. You can be more flexible with your spending habits by working a job.

Find student discounts. Many businesses offer discounts for students, so it is wise to keep your student ID handy. These discounts can be a smart way to save money.


You are living with your family. NCES estimates that the annual cost of attending College for an on-campus student would be $32,100. However, a student living off-campus with their family will only pay $24,300. Living with your family can help you save $7,800 each year.

Shop at discount stores. Discounts for students are only sometimes offered. Shopping at discount stores is the best way to save money. Discounted items can be used to save money on groceries and clothes.

Is Grand Canyon University affordable?

Grand Canyon University is very affordable, especially considering that all students receive some form of financial aid. It is one of the most prestigious and prestigious universities in Arizona. Although it isn’t the most expensive school in Arizona, it is still affordable compared to private schools in other states. GCU is a Christian school that offers Christian education at an affordable price.


Grand Canyon University Cost FAQ

Grand Canyon University degree holders can get jobs.

You can get a job if you have a degree from Grand Canyon University. Many students find work in their first three years. Some even get a job after graduation from Grand Canyon University.

What is Grand Canyon University famous for?

Grand Canyon University is the largest Christian university in America and the largest private university in Arizona. The school offers both online and traditional academic programs. Every program of study is taught with a Christian worldview. The campus community is deeply rooted in Christian values.

GCU offers full-ride scholarships

Grand Canyon University has one full-ride scholarship. Dream.US Scholarship is available to DACA recipients. This award is available only to on-campus, conventional undergraduate students. It does not apply to online learners. To be eligible, you must be a Dreamer.


Is GCU cheaper than ASU?

Grand Canyon University isn’t cheaper than Arizona State University in most cases. Arizona residents are eligible for the ASU in-state tuition rate, which is lower than all GCU students pay. GCU might be more affordable if you’re from somewhere other than Arizona.

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Grand Canyon University (GCU), Scholarships in 2022 – Phoenix State Scholarships,



Fully Funded Scholarships for 2022-2023

Grand Canyon University accepts applications for scholarships throughout the year. Apply now to be selected for the program you desire. Grand Canyon Institution is an institution that aims to transform lives through education. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona.


The University of Grand Canyon offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, which can be completed either on-campus or remotely. The nine institutions provide a variety of majors, which can give you an exhilarating chill.

GCU offers a variety of grant and scholarship options for students who wish to continue their education on traditional undergraduate campuses. This article will provide all the details you need about your chosen location, from admissions to scholarships.

Grand Canyon University (GCU), Scholarships Funding Benefits

An applicant who is awarded one of the GCU scholarships may be eligible to receive all or some of the following academic grant benefits:

  • Waiver of total tuition fees or discount
  • Monthly or per-year stipend
  • Sponsorship of the room/residence fee
  • Money to purchase the notebooks, experimental materials, and stationery
  • Sponsorship cost for meals
  • Students learn about VISA sponsorship and how to get health insurance
  • Grand Canyon University Application Fee: $0

Grand Canyon University’s application fees are not something you should be concerned about if you’re considering applying. This is excellent news for students who are hesitant to use it due to the high application fees.

Grand Canyon University of Phoenix does not charge a fee to apply for admission to any undergraduate program.

Grand Canyon University has a 77% acceptance rate.

Acceptance rates are high if you meet all requirements. Grand Canyon University boasts a 77% acceptance rate. In 2021, the institute accepted nearly 39474 of the 48918 applicants. This indicates that there is no high competition for admission and that you can readily be admitted to this prestigious university if your requirements are followed.

English Language Requirements at Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University requires that international students have proficiency in English.


Grand Canyon IELTS Band Requirement: 6 Bands

Grand Canyon University accepts an IELTS minimum score of 6. Grand Canyon University does not require IELTS to be a condition of admission. However, if an alternative IELTS test demonstrates English language proficiency, the university will accept it.

An alternative option is to submit an English proficiency score such as the TOEFL online-based test (minimum score of 79), Pearson PTE Academic Overall score of 54, Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, or Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency. University of Michigan: Examinations for the Certificate of Proficiency in English.

Grand Canyon University Scholarships

GCU accepts applications all year and admits on a reoccurring basis. The availability of seats in different academic programs may impact the admission competitiveness and space-availability foundation criteria for university admissions. International students should apply at least 3 months before their preferred semester.


The most worrying aspect of education is the cost. Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers many scholarships that can be used to help with financial aid.

1# Scholarships for High School Students

High School Student Scholarships are available to international and domestic undergraduate students who live on campus. You may be eligible if you have completed high school between December of the previous calendar year and June of the calendar year you wish to attend.


The Chancellor awards range in value from $9,300 – $4,650, the Chancellor-IB awards from $8,300 – $4,150, the President awards from $7,300 – $3,650, and the Provost awards from $6,300 – $3,150. Dean awards range between $5,300 – $2,650. Faculty awards range anywhere from $4,300 — $2,150. Antelope awards range anywhere from $2,800 — $1,400. GCU scholarships are renewable annually, provided you maintain good grades.

2# Grand Canyon International Student Awards

To apply for International Student Scholarships, you must submit your transcript from high school. These scholarships are available to students with a minimum 2.5 unweighted high school GPA. You can also apply using your SAT or ACT scores.


There are several levels to this reward: Indirect President ($6,400), Indirect Vice President ($5,400), Indirect Dean ($3,400), Indirect Dean ($3,400), Indirect Faculty (2,400), Indirect Antelope (1,400). Your GPA and SAT/ACT scores will determine the prize amount.

Grand Canyon 3# State Grants

State grants can be an excellent tool for funding your education. Leveraging Educational Aid Cooperation (LEAP) is a federal-state partnership that provides financial aid to students with financial needs. This includes grants. Pell Grants can be granted to students in need who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree.


Online Scholarships for 4# Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon offers hundreds of scholarships for online courses. Grand Cayon University Online Scholarships include Alumni Scholarships, Master’s Degree Scholarships, and Doctoral Degree Transfer Scholarships.

Grand Canyon University Admissions Process

First, decide what major you want. It is essential to choose a field you are passionate about, which is also your dream. You will need to select from a variety of courses at GCU. You should also check the GCU degree value and prospects of the program you are considering.


Next, start the college application process at GCU and help your admissions counselor get to know you.

To be eligible for admission to Grand Canyon University’s campus or online undergraduate programs, you must submit transcripts from your high school or college. An essay is not required for admission, and there is no enrollment deposit.

Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher are not required to take the SAT/ACT. Even if your transcripts don’t meet the GPA requirements, you will still be eligible to apply for full admission if you score the required entrance test. Grand Canyon University’s entrance exam is either the SAT or ACT. You have two choices.


Log in to the Student Portal and upload your transcript and other required papers, as described above. Wait for an admission decision once you have completed the application process.

Grand Canyon University (GCU), Application Deadline: July 4, 20,22

Your last date for submitting your application to Grand Canyon University (GCU), Glassgow campus, is July 4, 2022. The admissions office must receive your September intake documents and documents at Grand Canyon University (GCU) before August 1, 2022.

Rana is our honored guest author. Rana is an internationally renowned educator, motivational speaker, and recipient of a highly-respected fully-funded scholarship. His articles encourage young students to seek out global opportunities.


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Chamberlain University Ochsner, And The Association of PeriOperative Nurses (AORN).



Announce Expanding Efforts to Address Critical Shortage of Operating room Nurses

Chamberlain University is the nation’s largest nursing school. The Association of periOperative Nurses (AORN) creates evidence-based guidelines for perioperative practice and education resources. Today, three healthcare systems announced that they would join a workforce readiness initiative to address critical shortages of operating room nurses. They are Loyola Medicine in Chicago, Illinois, Ochsner Health in New Orleans, and Emory Healthcare in Atlanta.


AORN and Chamberlain will jointly launch an online 16-week training module for perioperative nurses. The content was developed by AORN and is available through Chamberlain. It leads to a speciality badge. This program, which aligns with AORN-specific competencies in the perioperative industry, will be offered to Chamberlain students at no cost.

Chamberlain and the three healthcare systems will join forces to offer students on-site experiences in a supervised perioperative setting.

We are pleased to welcome these three prestigious healthcare systems. They join AORN University and Chamberlain University in a national effort to address critical workforce requirements in the perioperative setting. This is Chamberlain’s “Practice Ready” initiative. Specialty Focused” approach to addressing essential workforce requirements in the perioperative setting,” stated Karen Cox, PhD., president of Chamberlain.


This educational initiative is the first of its kind and is being offered in partnership with AORN. AORN developed the training module. The intent is to scale Chamberlain’s speciality badge program through Chamberlain.

Linda Groah (MSN, RN), CNOR, NEA-BC, FAAN CEO/executive director of AORN, stated that she believes strongly in the initiative’s expansion through the participation of these three healthcare systems.

Representatives from the healthcare system said they are open to working with Chamberlain, AORN and other nurses to increase the number of nurses who specialize in perioperative nursing.


“Ochsner Health couldn’t be more excited about participating in this innovative program to introduce more students to the wonderful world of perioperative services while also addressing the need to have more operating nurses in other parts of the Gulf South,” stated Tracey Moffatt (System Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Quality, Ochsner Health).

“This initiative addresses a critical need to have more nurses with a perioperative speciality, and it aligns our commitment to providing high-quality patient service in Chicago,” stated Peggy Norton-Rosko, DNP, RN. NEA-C regional chief nursing officer at Loyola Medicine.

Sharon Pappas, PhD, is the chief nurse executive at Emory Healthcare. She stated, “Identifying and preparing perioperative nursing nurses in their early stages of education and career is a proactive approach towards supporting quality health care for students in the metro Atlanta region.”


The program’s speciality badges are designed to build a pool of perioperative nurses. Also known as operating room nurses and surgical nurses, they work with patients during the pre-and post-operative processes and afterwards in post-anaesthesia care units. The State of the Perioperative Nursing Specialty Workforce 2021 Research Paper outlines how academic partnerships can be used to address retention and recruitment issues and cost-effectiveness. According to the research paper, it can cost as much as $120,000 to train and prepare new perioperative nurses1.

According to AORN, the increased number of surgeries and the nationwide shortage of qualified nurses will lead to a greater need for perioperative nursing staff. According to AORN data, 20% of operating room nurses will reach retirement age in the next five years. Chamberlain is part of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE: ATGE) in Chicago. It will offer the speciality badge program at its campuses in Chicago, Tinley Park and Addison, Ill., as well as New Orleans, New Orleans, and Atlanta. The goal is to expand national coverage across all 23 campuses. For additional information:

Frequently Asked Questions: Entry

How can I add Chamberlain Library to Google Scholar?


As an added way to access the library’s resources, Chamberlain University Library offers links to full-text articles in Google Scholar.

Google Scholar is not meant to replace the library’s existing search system. The Chamberlain Library cannot guarantee that the articles found in full text via Google Scholar will be available in the library’s collection. Google Scholar library links are provided for convenience only. You are responsible for any damage that may result from using them.

  • You can search the Chamberlain Library homepage for the article’s title to determine if it is available.
  • Google Scholar: Show Chamberlain Library Results
  • Log in to your Google Scholar account by going to Google Scholar
  • Click on the Hamburger Menu in the page’s top-left corner and choose Settings.
  • Select Library Links from the menu options at the top of the settings page.
  • Look for Chamberlain.
  • Check the box next to Chamberlain University Library Chamberlain Full text and click Save.
  • You can search for your topic, and links to the Chamberlain Library will be displayed on the right-hand side.

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University Rankings for Keiser University General Bachelor’s Education Courses.



Keiser University is a private university that has offered online bachelor’s degrees since 1999-2000. Online classes can be recorded and archived for students to access. It is important to remember that Keiser University’s deadline for online applications is rolling.

It is committed to helping students succeed by providing academic and professional foundations that will allow them to achieve various educational goals. It is a valuable partner for local employers and the community. U.S. News and World Report ranked the institution 5th in Social mobility for 2022.


There are 19,861 students in the country, with 17,990 studying for undergraduate degrees. Keiser University – Ft. Lauderdale has 1,247 full-time faculty members and 589 part-time. They provide course instruction. This ratio makes it 16:1 for student-to-faculty, which is higher than the national average reported by the National Center for Education Statistics (2018).

The online general bachelor’s degree programs

  • This section contains content provided by the school.
  • Flexibility Meets employer’s expectations Accredited programs Accessibility.

Keiser University, a non-profit university, is the largest in Florida. It is home to more than 20,000 students. The U.S. News & World Report has awarded it excellent accreditation.

Keiser’s flagship residential campus houses approximately 1,500 students from around the globe. It is spread over 100 acres of beautiful green space in West Palm Beach. Students have many exciting options at their disposal. The location offers stunning views of the water. It is close to NASA, South Beach, Disney and other entertainment venues such as outdoor festivals, museums, theatres, hiking, biking and world-class shopping.

Students can choose from a variety of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate options at Keiser. The study areas help students get into high-demand careers in business, engineering, premed, law, information technology and nursing. There are several campuses at the university in Florida and internationally.


International representation is a crucial focus of the university. Students from all walks of life are welcome to join us. It makes a significant investment in supporting services to enhance the educational experience of Keiser students. There are 29 clubs and NAIA-affiliated sports teams that you can get involved in.

Keiser university provides students with exceptional educational quality. It has small classes and expert staff passionate about their subject matter. Keiser’s graduate success is evidence of this culture. The university’s graduates are equipped with valuable skills and highly-demanded knowledge.

Education, Teaching and Learning MSEd TL

The educational landscape has seen some significant changes over the last few decades. The advancements in education technology have made it possible to transform how we learn, teach and share information. We are always connected to learning opportunities, from five-minute videos showing how to change a tire to baking a cake or solving an equation to podcasts and webinars about emerging trends. Many of these activities compete for students’ attention in the K 12 classroom.


Our learning habits have changed. Education has evolved. One thing that hasn’t changed is your determination to provide students with the best opportunities to learn new skills and gain new insights. We at Keiser University share your vision and are here to help you achieve it with the Master of Science in Education.

Keiser University Rankings

  • #275-361
  • Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs
  • #166-228
  • Best Online Bachelor’s in Management Programs (tie).

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