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Verizon Law Enforcement Emergency ping OPERATES In Obscurity ACROSS THE COUNTRY.




CellHawk allows law enforcement to visualize large amounts of information collected from cellular towers or providers.

The public has largely ignored Hawk Analytics, a Texas company that makes CellHawk. CellHawk is widely used by law enforcement. It helps police departments, the FBI, and private investigators across the United States convert information from cellular providers into maps showing people’s movements, locations, and relationships. The Intercept obtained police records that revealed that a powerful surveillance tool was being used in complete secrecy and with little oversight.


CellHawk’s maker claims it can process a year’s worth of cellphone records in just 20 minutes. This automates a process that was previously tedious and involved hand-drawn paper plots. The web-based product can access call detail records (or CDRs), which track mobile contact between devices for mobile service providers. They show who is talking to whom. It can also manage cellular location records. These are created by phones connecting to different towers as the owners move about.

These data may include “tower dumps,” which list all phones connected to a particular tower — a form of dragnet surveillance. According to a Brennan Center for Justice report at NYU, the FBI obtained more than 150,000 phone numbers in a single tower dump conducted in 2022 to collect evidence against a suspect in a bank robbery.

Police use CellHawk to process data they receive from cell phone carriers such as AT&T or Verizon. These datasets are often in large spreadsheets and often without warrants. This contrasts with the more well-known stingray, a phone surveillance device that spies on cell phones by pretending to be a carrier tower, tricking them into connecting and intercepting their communications. CellHawk is not like the stingray. It doesn’t require police to place a device near people of interest. It helps them exploit information already collected from private telecommunications providers or third parties.


CellHawk’s surveillance capabilities extend beyond analyzing metadata from cell phone towers. Hawk Analytics claims that it can extract incredibly detailed intelligence from large data sets like GPS and ride-hailing records — information often generated by Americans. CellHawk claims it uses GPS records to create its “unique animation analytics tool,” which plots the calls and locations of a target over time according to company promotional materials. The site says, “Watch data come alive as it moves around town and the entire county.”

According to a brochure, the tool can help to map interpersonal connections. It can be used to “see how they move relative to each other” and to animate more than 20 phones simultaneously.



CellHawk is described as a tool that can be used to automate continuous surveillance rather than just processing spreadsheets from cellular companies. CellHawk boasts the ability to send text and email alerts “to surveillance team” whenever a target moves or enters, or leaves a specific “location or Geozone” (e.g., Your entire county border.

Hawk Analytics states that this capability allows investigators to “view plots and maps of the cell towers most frequently used at the beginning and ending of each day.” However, brochures sent out to potential clients were more direct, saying CellHawk could help “find where your suspect sleeps at night.”

Minnesota Data Sharing and Loose Regulation

After using the software in 2015, Hennepin County in Minnesota, including Minneapolis, was impressed. A criminal intelligence analyst praised CellHawk’s simplicity in an email sent in February 2016, comparing it to another tool. CellHawk is relatively new and much cheaper than other subscription software. Cellhawk’s most outstanding feature is its ability to be used ‘hands-off.’ The software handles everything. Drag and drop is all that’s required. It can download calls from all the major phone companies. The software’s most significant selling point is mapping. It also features animation, which is excellent!


The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office uses CellHawk as part of an intelligence-sharing effort through a Minnesota Fusion Center known as the Metro Regional Information Center. According to the St. Cloud Times, this center brings together the FBI with eight counties, serving up to 4,000,000 people. Cloud Times.

Andrew Skoogman spoke for the sheriff’s department and said that the office did not use certain CellHawk functions often. He said it was “scarce” that HCSO would analyze tower dumps, and it was “fairly uncommon” for the office to use CellHawk’s automated location alerting service. This is used “based on the analytical needs of investigators.”

Providers often share the telecommunications data that is at heart CellHawk. Verizon received over 260,000 orders, warrants, subpoenas, and emergency requests from U.S. law enforcement agencies in 2019, including more than 24,000 for information about the location. The legal requirements to obtain this information can sometimes be unclear. In 2014, the American Civil Liberties Union called the legal requirements for tower dumps “extremely murky.” According to a Brennan Center report, some courts allowed access to such data using court orders. This lower evidentiary standard is used than a warrant under the Stored Communications Act and requires only “reasonable grounds” to believe the records are relevant to ongoing investigations. A court order is sufficient to obtain location records specific to a subscriber. However, they must span at most seven days. In that case, the police will need a warrant. According to a Supreme Court ruling in 2018, this would be a complete warrant. Whether police require a warrant or a court order to get “real-time” location data has also caused disagreement among courts.



Hennepin County established its legal standards for deploying technology such as CellHawk. These standards were outlined in a policy document from the sheriff’s office dated August 2015, months after CellHawk had been in use. The document, entitled “Criminal Information Sharing and Analysis,” was made public following a 2018 data request and was completed several years later after the election of a new sheriff. The office required “[r]easonable suspect,” which was defined as “present when sufficient facts have been established to give… a reason to believe that an individual, organization, or group is involved in a definable criminal activity or enterprise.”

However, the policy doesn’t say that a judge must approve investigators to retain information. Skoogman didn’t respond to The Intercept’s question about the legal standard used for collecting CDRs.


When Chad Marlow was asked to review Hennepin County’s CellHawk policy, he said that while the CellHawk technology wasn’t inherently problematic, the county had set a low standard regarding how it collects CellHawk data. For traffic stops, “reasonable suspicion” is the standard threshold, but not for intrusive search, which requires probable cause. CellHawk can analyze data from texts, calls, and ride-hailing apps, among other things. These capabilities are more intrusive than a traffic stop. Marlow stated that the county’s definition of reasonable suspicion was “bizarrely convoluted.” Investigators should have “a reasonable basis to suspect a crime has been committed, not MAYBE being committed.”

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Kentucky Big Rigs Truck Accident Law Firm.



An 18-Wheeler Accident Law Firm With a Powerful Reputation

Big Rig accidents can destroy passengers and other vehicles in minutes. We at Big Rig accident attorneys of Isaacs & Isaacs are experienced in defending victims injured in collisions with a semi-truck, an 18-wheeler vehicle, or a big rig. Big commercial vehicles. We are aware of the serious injury that can result from a truck accident, and we will fight to get the justice and damages you are entitled to.

For more than twenty-five years, Darryl Isaacs — The Hammer -and the truck crash legal team from Isaacs & Isaacs have collected more than 2 billion dollars in compensation for our hurt customers and families from KY, IN, and OH in the three states and have an average success rate that is 99.9. We are a Big Rig accident law firm is a direct challenge to the large insurance firms that represent Big Rig truckers so that victims can have the opportunity to be “whole” again in the laws of justice.

  1. Big Rigs
  2. 18 Wheelers
  3. Buses
  4. Tractor-Trailers

What Are Big Rigs?

A big Rig is a tractor that pulls several semi-trailers. It has 10 wheels, and each trailer has eight wheels. This is the reason why the title Big Rig was given to it. The trucks transport various goods, and weight is measured by how many trailers they have. The weight limits are set by the laws of each state, as is the trailers’ number.

How Does An Big Rig Accident Lawyer Prove Negligence?

The causes of Big Rig accidents could result from various reasons, ranging from lack of experience on the driver’s part, tiredness and exhaustion, bad road conditions, not obeying traffic laws, and maintenance issues. In the majority of truck crashes we work into consideration, they are the serious issue of driver’s inattention.

The ability to uncover this is crucial to the successful conclusion of the investigation. Perhaps the Big Rig is driving, or there was a system malfunction that ought to have been checked, which still needs to be done or completed. When safety is ignored or neglected, a seasoned attorney for 18-wheeler truck accidents can determine if that you are entitled to claim negligence for injury from a truck accident.

Audio: Big Rig Truck Accident Lawyer Interview

Big Rig accident lawyer Darryl Isaacs — The Hammer -was on the phone to answer the concerns of those who have had to deal with a collision that involved an 18-wheeler or any other commercial vehicle of a large size. Take a listen to this segment of Ask the Hammer discussing essential next steps following an 18-wheeler collision and the best way to proceed following injuries sustained in a truck crash. Listen to the episode below.


What Is the Weight Limit For an 18-Wheeler?

The highest amount for an 18-wheeler can be an 80,000-pound weight limit. In comparison to the 5,000-pound weight of a car, it can cause damage when involved in an accident. Sometimes, truckers, as well as the company that transports them, exceed the weight limit.

Excessing limits on weight is a grave mistake and warrant the assistance of an 18-wheeler crash lawyer. In addition to the force crushing the extra weight, it is hard for drivers to control the vehicle. Drivers must adhere to a strict schedule and frequently exceed the speed limit that is safe for vehicles with an appropriate weight to get to where they’re moving faster, which can contribute to an absence of control drivers experience.

Winning Compensation With An Big Rig Accident Attorney

All truck drivers must carry insurance. However, the insurance taken is per incident, not per individual. Insurance companies are looking to save the cost of the injured person a lower amount than the amount they would pay for medical bills as well as other expenses related to an accident. Having an experienced Big Rig accident lawyer on your side is crucial.


The attorneys for 18-wheelers of Isaacs & Isaacs can discuss your case with you and address any questions you may have. If there’s a negligence claim in your crash, You can rest assured that a convincing case will be crafted to get the compensation you deserve and merit. This way, you can focus your efforts on getting better without having to worry about costs.

Your Next Move: Begin A Free Case Review With an 18-Wheeler Crash Law Firm

It’s crucial to act swiftly and promptly after an accident involving an 18-wheeler. The time limit is the date for pursuing legal action to recover your injuries from a truck crash. If you miss this deadline by the deadline, there might not be anything we can offer you.

For a free case review, the 18-wheeler truck accident attorneys will hear your tale, examine the evidence, evaluate the legality of your case and suggest a plan of action to resolve your 18-wheeler collision.


We want to be in the same boat as our clients right from when we start. Reviewing your case is free, and if we decide to sign you up as an attorney, we will not charge us anything unless we succeed in winning your case. This is the most popular contingency fee structure that many law firms believe is effective for everyone.

Make sure you know more about your case’s potential worth using our semi-truck accident settlement calculator.

$2 Billion Collected For Our Injured Clients

Darryl Isaacs and the proven 18-wheeler truck accident lawyers from Isaacs & Isaacs have been fighting on behalf of injured victims for over 25 years. They have secured more than $2 billion in damages across three states: Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio in the three states alone. We’ll pursue an 18-wheeler suit for you across the USA. Make sure to visit our case settlement pages to view a few of the wins we’ve won for clients requiring a strong team to ensure justice and obtain the amount of financial compensation the law allows.


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Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers.



If you’ve been injured in an unexpected accident, there is a good chance that you have serious worries about your health, financial situation, and the future of your finances. If these accidents result from the negligence of another, they have the legal right to pursue compensation for their problems. Most of the time, they must fight insurance companies to obtain the compensation they deserve. Other times they need to take action against the negligent person.

Whatever the circumstance, the best thing to do is seek out reputable, established legal counsel when you go about this matter. We at Gaddis, Herd, Craw & Adams, P.C. Our injury attorneys have been helping injured victims pursue justice for more than 40 years. We understand what it takes to achieve outcomes for our clients and how to convince them of their right to relief inside and outside the courtroom.


When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured or lost someone you love because of negligence, it is important to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible! An attorney for personal injuries located in Colorado Springs can assist you in the following ways:

  • Making your initial claim to the court
  • Find evidence to support your claims, such as witness testimony or medical records
  • Making sure you get the highest quality medical treatment from the specialist you need to be.

In Gaddis, Herd, Craw & Adams, P.C., Our legal team comprises more than 150 years of experience and is ready to advocate for the maximum settlement.

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Claim?

The final thing you’d like to receive from an attorney for personal injuries is if you didn’t meet the deadline to file an injury claim. Not only will you be forced to bear the consequences of your injuries, but you will not be in a position to pursue any compensation.

In Colorado, the deadline to file a personal injury lawsuit extends for two years after the incident occurred. In the event of an automobile accident, there are three years.


How Much Is My Case Worth?

We cannot guarantee exact compensation when you pursue legal action following your accident. However, with Gaddis, Herd, Craw & Adams, P.C., We can guarantee that we will follow the highest amount for clients. That means that we will collaborate with family members and medical professionals so that victims’ immediate and future needs are met by an injury lawsuit.


Types of Damages

The compensation you can seek is contingent on the particulars of your situation since every accident case will be unique; however, the damages offered to injury victims are the same for every patient.


These kinds of damages are:

  • Economic: is the process of compensating those who have suffered injuries for the financial loss they incur because of an accident. This could include medical costs and lost earnings or income due to the inability to work.
  • Non-Economic: help to compensate for more tangible losses like emotional suffering and the inability to carry on the fun things in your life.
  • Punitive damages are awarded in specific circumstances to punish or discourage reckless conduct by requiring the party responsible for paying additional compensation over and above compensatory damages. Juries and courts cannot give punitive damages as frequently as compensatory damages.
  • Non-economic and economic damage include “compensatory damages,” which means their purpose is to cover or compensate the victim for any loss.

Damages You Can Recover

Victims of injuries in Colorado have the right to pursue damages in the following categories:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damaged
  • Loss of wages (present and in the future)
  • The pain and suffering
  • The loss of pleasure
  • Emotional distress
  • Disability/Disfigurement
  • Legal costs
  • Punitive damages
  • Cases We Handle

Our team of experienced lawyers will assist you in many different cases. Please find out more about how our firm can help you pursue the justice and compensation you’re due now! Our firm is ready to assist you. Call us now!

Bicycle accidents are all too common. Motorists don’t comply with the rules on the roads, which puts cyclists in danger. If you’ve been hurt due to a negligent driver, you could be entitled to seek damages! Please find out more on our page on bicycle accidents.

Bus Accidents

Car Accidents A single accident could cause enough harm to alter the course of someone’s life. If you or someone close to you is injured in a car crash caused by an inexperienced driver, Our firm is ready to assist you. Find out our services right now.


Drunk Driving Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are an enjoyable mode of transport, but too. Often, drivers fail to observe and drive safely around them. If you’ve sustained injuries in an accident caused by a negligent driver, you’re entitled to rights! Please learn more about your rights by visiting our pages on motorcycle accidents.

Trucking Accidents

Unjustified Death Losing a beloved person isn’t easy. Losing someone you love in an accident that could have been avoided can be devastating. Please find out more about wrongful deaths, the law, and your options and rights on our page on wrongful Death. Get in touch with our firm for free, no-obligation consults to begin your case.

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